Celebrating the alleged birthday of the sandwich

So in talking over this blessed event today friends all suddenly mentioned that they were desperate for a good Vietnamese sandwich, or a bánh mì, but that they were nowhere near being able to grab one. That left me feeling a bit smug — because Lee’s Sandwiches is right across from UC Irvine.

Now it’s important to note that Lee’s is the McDonald’s of its field in ways, ie it’s the highest profile chain around and therefore plenty of bánh mì fans regard either smaller locations and/or homemade as being better to go. And there’s an excellent small bakery in the same complex as this Lee’s, Le Diplomate, which serves great bánh mì as well. But for a quick fix, this is where to go, and I’ll take it over the Denny’s that used to be here, for sure.

Neon neon

Of course it doesn’t hurt either that Lee’s aims for the cheap and quick — it’s across from a college campus, after all! Used to be 24 hours but alas demand wasn’t enough to keep it open that late; still, it’s open most of the day, and while I haven’t eaten there in a bit — I ended up burning out on them a couple of years back! — it’s always good to duck in again and grab something — and today being the day it is that meant something indulgent like…


…a bánh mì đặc biệt, with pretty much all the regular ingredients. That’ll fill me up for the day nicely! Hope yours is good and sandwich-laden.


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