In the OC Weekly, a Paramount Styles review

Paramount Styles being the new band led by Scott McCloud, who I first noticed when I got into Girls Against Boys back in the nineties. Good little album, about what I would have expected someone of his background and age to have created now — barbed but quieter.

My review of the group’s album Failure American Style is here, and here’s a snippet:

Failure American Style is more of a stylistic patchwork than simply Girls Against Boys go unplugged, in any event—and sometimes to surprising effect. “Hollywood Tales 2” is a ghostly kind of Sonic Youth tribute, “Total Trash” crossed with “Rain on Tin” and classic rock, an approach revisited later with “These Starry Nights.” McCloud sometimes aims for the perfectly understandable, and at others for the kind of murky threat with which he made his name, but the generally brisk, sometimes skeletal arrangements take precedence throughout. There’s even a mournful instrumental that should soundtrack whatever midlife-crisis movie will be made for the generation of (former) alternakids, wherever they are.


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