Vegetable minestrone…and extra!

So the other day I noticed this story in the LA Times on minestrones and having done a few before I felt up for making a new batch. Partially this was motivated by circumstance, since I had a large amount of fresh vegetables that I didn’t know if I’d have the time to properly use before my trip home next week.

I used the first recipe in that link but modified it as needed — the beans were canned and ready to go and I had no celery around, substituting it with turnips instead, but everything else was good to go. The vegetable broth was a new low-sodium bouillon concentrate that Trader Joe’s now sells, serviceable and easily prepared without drowning the taste in salt.

Meantime besides the bowl itself I was able, as you can see, to store up a slew of it for freezing and future use. And believe me, there will always be those days where I’ll just want to thaw something out and eat it — it’s just nice to have done all the work in advance!


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