88 BoaDrum in brief (updated with some actual words now…)

Okay, so when I got in last night all I could do was post the photos and then get some sleep — and I’m still a bit groggy! Also, I’ll want to save more detailed thoughts on the show for a writing assignment I’m working on. But here’s some brief commentary to go with the photos:

The temple awaits

The basic setup of the show, after much speculation, turned out to be just right, helped by the excellent weather and cool breeze. The temple-like feeling of the main stage where Eye, Yoshimi and cohorts did their thing seemed only appropriate.

Status symbol!

The create-your-own-shirt option with the silkscreeners and free shirts provided was a nice touch, though I would have brought a shirt with me rather than relied on a free Nike-branded shirt if I had thought about it. Even so, good to have around as part of the memory.

Under way

They asked the crowd not to go nuts with the photos but honestly that request was pretty heavily violated — and obviously I did a couple of shots as well. Nothing special with this shot but you get a sense of how it felt at least.

Eye invokes

Finally, you can see Eye there having raised his arm as part of his ‘louder/quieter’ pattern he did at various points in the overall performance. And quite a performance it was — over on ILM, DMR said, referring to the NYC performance overseen by Gang Gang Dance:

first half was dope

big trigger-pad hits with the stick –> groovy loud krauty part –> quieter bleepy electronic stuff –> big anthemic vangelis-y part –> middle eastern sounding gang gang dancey part and echoey horns

kinda lost me on the repetitions leading up to the big finale

also I felt like for a lot of it you could only hear the music from the stage, not the rest of the drummers

I’d say this applied to the LA show but the difference being that I liked the calmer ending after an explosive build after an hour, a lower-key intensity that saw things out with its own — and hey, we got Eye and company this time out, after all!

Saw tons of people there, ranging from a quick hey-how-are-ya with Chaki down from SF to a lot of chat with the ever-great Mackro down from Seattle, and a wonderful evening all around it was. Here’s to 99 BoaDrum in Wichita or wherever.


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