The new succulent plants at the Gypsy Den

Sometimes all it takes is a subtle change — over at the Gypsy Den, my regular coffee house haunt, they took out the old plants in the planters and replaced them with new succulents. Done, I think, for water conservation reasons in part (could be wrong!) but the more colorful arrangement is a nice touch, and helped make for a pleasant morning meal. Gotta love Saturdays — especially after recovering not only from the week in general but 88 BoaDrum…

One Response to “The new succulent plants at the Gypsy Den”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    The plants do look nice tho I see all the tables and chairs match now. I love the place and used to go there all the time about 7 years ago. I do have to say I liked them a little better back when nothing matched. Once they started making real money (and remodeled and took out the books and bookcases etc) I felt it lost something. Ah well, still excellent food!

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