And some shots from the Indian Jewelry/XBXRX show…

To explain more about this whole deal, repeating a bit from an earlier post — recently a great bunch of folks with KUCI affiliations, Acrobatics Everyday, led by the indefatigable Sam Farzin, have dedicated themselves to doing what hasn’t been done for a long time on campus, getting in a slew of great shows. The Peter Walker show the other week was also done by Sam and crew, but they’ve mostly done multi-band shows at night at the Phoenix Grille on campus, and there’s more on the way.

Now that's a good price

Last night the Austin band Indian Jewelry, who I quite enjoy, headlined a four-act bill along with XBXRX, Meho Plaza and Sprawl Out. Great sets from all of them and though I couldn’t stay to the very end of the night it was a wonderful time out — the use of the Grille for shows was an inspired idea, never felt too uncomfortable or hot, and the cover charge of $7 is a steal.

My full set of photos is here, but here’s a couple of selections and descriptions:

Sprawl Out semi-disappear

Sprawl Out are a local act with a good Gravity Records/the Locust jones from what I could initially tell, not to mention seeming like they could fit in at the Smell easily enough. Quick, frenetic, everybody sung at least one song and one of said songs was called “Doogie Howser,” but of course. Had free CDs to give away so I snagged one, naturally!

Meho Plaza

Meho Plaza are from LA and I hadn’t known a thing about ’em beforehand, so I was surprised (pleasantly!) to discover that they were half-noise/punk and half-melodic anthems, in a very affecting way — without sounding like they were radio ready (or ever wanted to be), by introducing the latter elements it meant that the more chaotic explosions had some shape and heft to them. Good combination, be interesting to see them again.


XBXRX were easily the performance highlight of the evening, not only dressed in matching outfits but barely standing still at all at any point during the set (only Weasel Walter on drums was relatively stable, and even he sprung up after every song to shake out the energy). It was almost more spectacle than music but that’s not fair to them, they know how to blend punishing noise with frenetic hooks and the crowd went pretty damn well crazy. I had to dodge a flying body or two, but that’s kinda the point.

Indian Jewelry caught in a flash

Indian Jewelry, as mentioned, were the main reason I was definitely getting there — they’ve got the psych/drone thing down that I mainline, with a good line in rumbling drumming that’s very Spacemen 3 to my ears. Couldn’t stay the whole set as mentioned but what I caught was a treat and I hope to see them again next time through. Picked up a shirt while I was at it!

The next Acrobatics Everyday show will be Captain Ahab on Friday August 22nd, so if you’re in the area/at all interested, head on over for sure.


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