RIP Isaac Hayes

Oh MAN.:

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) – Musician Isaac Hayes died early Sunday morning, according to Shelby County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Shular.

A Shelby County sheriff’s deputy responded to Hayes’ home after his wife found him on the floor near a treadmill inside his home.

Hayes was taken to Baptist East Hospital in Memphis, where he was pronounced dead at 2:08am.

Deputies with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department are continuing their investigation into Hayes’ death, but they believe no foul play was involved.

Hayes was 65-years-old.

I am so not even close to being the best person around to talk about Isaac Hayes, but you know? If you haven’t heard Hot Buttered Soul, do yourself a favor this instant, would you? And that’s just one album.

I’ll link in to other, much better remembrances as I can find ’em. And here’s a first one now from ILM, from Jay Vee:

Very sad. A legend and a humble, beautiful person. Met him once when he came in to the studio I was working at to do some recording. We got to talking about Wattstax – this is when it was only around as a bootleg on VHS – and he said “You’re too young to have seen it in the movies! How’d you see it?” I sheepishly admitted I had a boot and he laughed that deeep, beautiful laugh followed by, “Can you make me a copy? I haven’t seen it in years.” Needless to say, I handed him one next day.

Other good posts include Chuck Eddy’s and this take from the UK.

Meantime, “The Look of Love” from Wattstax:

…and you know, everyone’s going to mention Chef and all, for good reason. But this may well be the real comedic highlight of ’em all:


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