Okay, so, two new ‘The Dark Knight’ things

Actually neither of them totally new, but I only found out about them today after yesterday’s post and I must share.

On the one hand, The Dark Knight Sucks, which is dedicated to its theme very well, and has caused a bunch of people who have no sense of perspective to write in with complaints. As the ‘about’ section says:

Part of the reason for putting this site together was to counter the seemingly unquestionable hype surrounding the movie. The viral marketing campaigns, the massive buildup, the fanboys… all leading so many movie-goers to pause critical reasoning and tout the movie as some kind of masterpiece. Further, whenever a dissenting voice is heard to even question such blind praise, it’s as if a blasphemy has been uttered.

And who can blame the site’s creator for being annoyed? I like the division of reviews between ‘Honest Reviews’ and ‘Deluded Masses.’

Meanwhile…okay, so I talked about in that last post about the weird-as-hell kiddie books ‘based’ on the movie, and how on ILE there was a joke about how the pencil scene would have been done with a crayon?

So today I find this — and to quote the description:

In case you missed it, check out this fan-made “Dark Knight” preview trailer, starring a cast of kindergartners as the Dark Knight, Commissioner Gordon, and of course, the Joker. Woulda been interesting to see these guys re-enact the infamous “pencil scene” with a Crayola…

It’s a strange, strange world.

[EDIT — well, three new things — this Human Events piece is a morally conservative take and attack on the film that explicitly calls out some of the politically conservative defenses of it. To quote the key part:

Others defend Dark Knight for its “conservative” values. It does acknowledge the difference between good and evil. The hero stands up to the villain, subdues him in the end, and takes the blame for the district attorney’s crimes to preserve hope in Gotham City. The movie also sends a constructive topical message about the need to defend ourselves against terrorists.

These points may be true, but the defense rings hollow. It smacks of making excuses for enjoying the movie. How can we justify Dark Knight’s indulgence in the pornography of violence? What if Hugh Hefner made a movie featuring two hours of skin and sex, but ending with the hero losing his marriage? Would Hefner deserve credit for warning us of the dangers of adultery?

The comments in response are…interesting.]


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