Some new blogs to link to…

…or even if they’re not new, at least I’ve linked to ’em now via the blogroll, though I’ve mentioned a couple in past posts:

  • Rocktimists is a new UK/group-based blog featuring a slew of folks familiar from ILX and thereabouts, one of whom, Nick S. was kind enough to send a compliment my direction vis-a-vis my original Dark Knight piece. Blog looks promising already, should be good fun!
  • Fractionals is Ian Mathers’ personal blog, irregularly updated but hey, that’s about how I work sometimes so no complaints. (And again he had nice things to say about that Dark Knight piece, so clearly it’s a plot.)
  • Highway 62 is the personal blog of my friend Matt Maxwell, comic author, music fanatic and all around good egg. Always good for a quick, dry observation, or three or three hundred.

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