Up at the OC Weekly, me on the new Dandy Warhols album

And it’s a great release, actually — I went in with no expectations and was very pleasantly surprised. Full review here, and here’s a bit of it:

But credit the Dandys for sticking to their guns—in returning a bit to their Welcome to the Monkey House days (where new-wave disco took as much precedence as effects pedals) on Earth to the Dandy Warhols, they’ve created an often-arch listen that might be the best fusion of their populist impulses and Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s gimlet eye for the absurdities of the mating game. Something about his lyrics always felt like screenplays in miniature, and the sleazoid monster of “Welcome to the 3rd World,” the best Bowie disco song since the man’s “Fame”/”Golden Years” peak, and the purring, amused narrator of “Now You Love Me” show his gifts remain strong, both as a songwriter and singer-as-actor.


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