And a new music blog to note

I’ve just added a new blog by UK writer Marcello Carlin to my blogroll, Then Play Long. Given my post the other day about Tom Ewing’s Popular, this is wonderfully well timed, and as Marcello discusses in the blog’s first post his work is inspired in part by Tom’s ongoing effort. Where Tom’s looking at UK number 1 singles, however, Marcello is looking at number one albums:

Right from the beginning, albums have had their own concepts and constructs, their extended tales to be told. Surprisingly few of the early entries constitute a case of hit single plus eleven fillers, but then that may also be a reflection of the more specialised album-buying market in the early days of the long-playing album’s existence. In particular, however, when we move into the late sixties and early seventies – when conventional wisdom says that rock was expanding and pop contracting – the bias of the singles lists can become irritatingly one-sided; the 1968 single and album number ones, for instance, seem to tell two entirely different and only haphazardly connecting stories, but then so do the equivalent lists for crucial years such as 1982 or 1995. So this is an attempt to reconcile the two and provide a broader picture, a fuller story of what the British record-buying public liked.

Looks very promising, so flag it and check in from time to time — should be a good read.


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