Of all the reactions to the Palin speech…

[EDIT — well hey there C-SPAN, thanks for the link. Mind you, while he’s a fellow Alaskan Republican, I wouldn’t call Halcro a Palin supporter as such — they have a long and complicated history, as he’s more than happy to explain! Also, two ‘t’s in my last name, please. Thanks, and welcome anyone who’s clicked through to this, feel free to browse around the place. But if you’re just following up on thoughts on Palin’s speech, I’d just recommend going to the link to Halcro’s page directly, all I’m doing here is providing a link and brief summary.]

…really I was just waiting to see what Andrew Halcro would say. And he delivered — he boosted her performance in the first couple of paragraphs on what you would expect a fellow Alaskan and Republican to approve of — he has no reason not to, after all — and then slammed down hard on nearly every key part of her gubernatorial record as stated in the speech as being false, a distortion or at the least widely open to creative interpretation.

Then he concluded:

Even with the over reaching, good job Governor Palin.

Backhanded compliments are sometimes the best.

(And don’t think that Obama’s team aren’t happily noting all this information and figuring out how to address it all. Trust me, they are, and they’re going to have some fun with it.)

[EDIT — Halcro’s next post delves deeper into recent developments. When they start talking subpoenas, one wants to hope that anyone starry-eyed over the speech might want to at least question facets of her general savvy in office…]

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6 Responses to “Of all the reactions to the Palin speech…”

  1. Sara R-C Says:

    Okay, I was just looking at C-Span’s page and noticed it linked up to you. Congratulations, Raggett!

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    One tries (however unintentionally!)

  3. Chris Says:

    Governor Palin’s speech was one of the best I’ve ever heard. She said it like it is, unlike the mindless sheep who adore Obama, even though he’s just an empty suit. Most of the negative blogs on this site appear to have been written before the speech was even given. Comments by brain washed Obamabots, who infect the blog sites with the same sarcastic partisan posts, no matter what the story is about. Keep America strong, elect McCain / Palin in November. No Wright, no Farrakahn, no Ayers, no Rezko, no mean Michelle, NOBAMA

  4. Ned Raggett Says:

    Funnily enough, Chris, David Frum just described you to a T:

    If the Palin choice was first and foremost about John McCain, it is also about us – us conservatives that is, about the way we think and act.

    One of the great and important themes of Rudy Giuliani’s speech to the convention was the importance of executive experience and crisis leadership. We are all mindful I think that over the past eight years, the record in this area has not been consistently outstanding. Rich Lowry months ago predicted that competence would become a big issue in 2008 – and certainly that was the issue that inspired me to support Rudy Giuliani in this year’s contest.

    Yet when the hour of decision arrives, it turns out that many conservatives care as little as ever about administrative skill and executive accomplishment. Our party and our movement overwhelmingly respond to symbolic cues.

    Sarah Palin is exciting and appealing. But what kind of executive is she? None of us have even the remotest idea. We don’t know whether she takes advice from a wide circle or a narrow one, whether she tends to decide quickly or slowly, whether her budgets are realistic, whether she is calm or excitable in a crisis. We have no idea whether she is decisive or vacillating, prompt or procrastinating, curious or incurious. These things matter enormously in a president. Yet they do not matter much to us. And that’s a big problem.

    And if you’ll check that link, you’ll see he loved the speech. As did Andrew Halcro, whose posts you seem not to have clicked and followed. And both consider themselves proud conservatives — and they still have deep questions.

    Just an observation. You might like to reflect on it.

  5. Bob Says:

    I have had enough of Sarah Palin. She lacks substantive experience and is very vain and clueless at times. She has neglected to keep tabs on the Commanders of the Alaska National Guard allowing Campbell to be on a power trip. Her promoting him to a three star was a disgrace and showed how easily led she is by him. This was an insult to the men and women of the Alaska National Guard.

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