And while we’re all waiting for the RNC to end and all that…

…consider this:

Presidential candidates were announcing themselves back in 2006, I believe, for this election. Hell, probably earlier, now that I think about it. We have been grinding on in terms of active campaigning — debates and things and more — for a year.

We still have TWO MONTHS TO GO.

Meanwhile, up north:

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper may be preparing to call an early general election, reports suggest.

Parliament is due to reconvene after its summer break on 15 September, but correspondents believe Mr Harper will call for an election on Sunday.

His Conservative Party was elected in 2006, but does not have an overall majority and has clashed with the opposition on a number of key issues.

It is thought an election could be pencilled in for 14 October.

A monthlong national election campaign and vote.


(I am not outraged by this comparatively shorter time. That sound is the sound of anger and anguish resulting from pure, unalloyed and total jealousy.)

Of course the nature of two different systems — the Canadian parliamentary model, copying the UK version in many essentials, and our own here in the US — means two different ways of thinking about campaigns and time. I recall when the election happened from them in 2006 people were saying from the start ‘minority government, there’ll be another election pretty soon,’ and such is the case here, so arguably you could say we’re talking permanent ‘what-if’ campaigns — thus the institution as well of the shadow cabinets, with folks prepared to take over ministerial roles if the election breaks for another party or parties (though there’s always reshuffles etc. etc.) So I’m not necessarily assuming that different/shorter equals better; for all I know our lengthy regularity is envied.

But damn if that doesn’t all look pretty good right now. As I just told a Canadian friend, I’m tempted to emigrate just to enjoy that novelty alone. Political Blogger Alliance

Caption this housing/economy related photo

Much as it might surprise the current GOP VP candidate, say, I suspect more people in the country are concerned about housing values than the respective value of community organizers. This being the case, this story is wonderfully illustrative of certain things around here — but this photo is even better:

Bobcats on the watch

Any preferred words to match the photo?