Frickin’ FINE, I’m on Twitter, whee.

And you can tell how thrilled I am with the prospect, can’t you.

If I EVER use this damn thing for something more than an emergency or something actually vital or important, I’ll be surprised. If you in turn notice me posting every-other-minute updates about BS, please feel free to hunt me down and have me institutionalized for my own good.

As I’ve noted as well in my first status update there, the fact that my attempts to actually verify my phone have all resolutely failed after having followed their cutesy instructions to the letter and number rather says something about the place.


3 Responses to “Frickin’ FINE, I’m on Twitter, whee.”

  1. david Says:

    Twitter? You have an iPhone, right? Welcome to BrightKite! Thanks, David S

  2. Kate Says:

    I just added you as a friend on Twitter. 🙂

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