Mmm, end of the week, etc.

Yesterday was reflective and busy, today was just kinda busy — but in a very good way, in that a huge amount of prep work that needs to be done to get ready for a new academic year is now well out of the way and I can worry about finessing things for the next week or so. Which I’m extremely glad about.

Meanwhile there’s just been so much going on all at once — hurricanes, vice-presidential candidates making fools of themselves on TV, an upcoming birthday party later today (did I mention I am a miniature golf fiend?) and more that my mind is thinking little more than “Listen to the Move D and Benjamin Brunn album Songs from the Beehive on Smallville and zone for a bit.”

So I am. More cohesive thoughts over the next couple of days — and thanks to everyone who’s swung by for all the Manakin and Palin/library posts in particular. Going to be an interesting weekend.


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