To anyone attending the upcoming My Bloody Valentine shows

A little warning. A note of caution.

I should have said something about this a while back. But in seeing the various texts and messages and status updates all around over the past few days, there’s a specific theme running through them all, and it is, at base:

“These guys are LOUD!”

Yes. Yes they are.

Please reread my Marooned piece if you like, but more appropriately, I think, read Alex in NYC’s blog about seeing them then and seeing them again the other day. To quote him:

Even from where I was standing (parallel to the soundboard, yet frustratingly far from the bar), I was forced to gaze at my own shoes in a vain attempt to stop my retinas from immolating. Being up front also won’t do you any favors in terms of the band’s penchant for…


Listen, if a venue is giving out free earplugs as you walk in, this should be giant clue as to what awaits you. If you weren’t bright enough to bring them along with you, seize the opportunity at the door. You WILL need them. You WILL regret it if you don’t have them.

And if you choose to ignore that advice, don’t come crying to me.

(I wore earplugs both times I saw them in 1992. And I was and am very very glad I did so.)


One Response to “To anyone attending the upcoming My Bloody Valentine shows”

  1. curtisburns Says:

    Hah! “Bowel-worrying volume.” And so it was.

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