To Senator John McCain, Esq.

…let me get this straight.

You survived life in the Naval Academy as a plebe. (As did my dad, for instance.) It’s not the bowels of hell or anything, but even so, it lasts a full year, for instance.

You survived imprisonment and torture by the North Vietnamese for years. Not something I would wish on anyone. Only fools would say otherwise.

You spent decades negotiating the thicket of politics in general. Decades, sir.

The election will be concluded in a few weeks from now, no more. And you’re not on the Senate Finance Committee, it should be noted. And you have a debate scheduled in two days’ time.

So today this comes along.

Senator, full presidential campaigns have been mounted in wartime and have always occurred without a problem. Even during the Civil War. They’ve been run during world wars, during depressions, during times of general unrest.

And you do this.

Enjoy whatever cheap points you’ve scored. Who knows, maybe they’ll be enough in the end. I have my hunch otherwise, though.

I will, though, say this — you could always send Palin to face Obama on Friday. That could be fun. I’d laugh.

I wouldn’t be alone, either.

[EDIT — and after seeing this clip, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be alone.] Political Blogger Alliance


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