My one brief thought on the first 2008 presidential debate

At some point this evening Devo made perfect sense:

Don’t take the theater of the debates to mean anything more than that. Though that said, next Thursday’s theater will be of the Grand Guignol variety. Political Blogger Alliance


2 Responses to “My one brief thought on the first 2008 presidential debate”

  1. mklasing Says:

    I must agree–as an admitted right wing nut job, I have to honestly say that the debate was uneventful for me. McCain was too stiff at first and too complex. Obama got too flustered and was too disrespectful by interrupting and calling McCain “John.” All in all neither really wowed me–but I am really looking forward to Thursday–should be great–whoever wins it.

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    It’ll be high value entertainment at the least. I admit I’m kinda glad I’m specifically booked for something else that evening, just because that way I’ll be busy. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it the following day!

    (My own thought re: John and all that — hey, I figure they can’t always call each other ‘the distinguished Senator’ and all. Whenever someone calls me “Mr. Raggett” I’m all ‘wait, is my dad around?’)

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