And in conclusion, never bite your tongue if you can help it.

Ow. (Don’t worry, no visuals or anything — but last night was rather sanguinary for a while. Yuck.)

Partially for that reason and partially because I feel a bit exhausted by things — and lord is this looking like a long month on a number of levels — I’m less pepped up for posting than I might be otherwise. Which is a pity because there’s a lot of stuff I’d love to write about some more!

I will however try and put some long overdue things in words here soon — follow up posts on Lindon Barrett and the Chatsworth crash among them. For now, though, referring to the latter tragedy, the story of Racheal Mofya is worth spreading. Keep her and her friends and family in your thoughts — the Abruzzeses strike me as truly fine people, as does Ms. Mofya herself.

And yes, the debate tonight and all and the economy and etc. Not ignoring any of that, trust me!