Your briefly telling moment of the day re: the McCain campaign

There’s lots of stuff out there right now, of course, but buried deep in this story about the last-ditch legal battle over the Branchflower investigation is this nugget:

[Local attorney Kevin] Clarkson acknowledged he’s also working with, though not receiving payment from, the McCain-Palin campaign.

“Have I talked to them? Sure. Do they tell me what to do? No,” he said, adding: “Sometimes they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Which, appropriately I think, reminds me of this Depeche Mode song, and imagining Mr. Clarkson singing it back to the campaign:

Only sometimes
I question everything
And I’m the first to admit
If you catch me in a mood like this
I can be tiring
Even embarrassing

But you must
Feel the same
When you look around
You can’t tell me honestly
You’re happy with what you see
Oh sometimes
Only sometimes

You must be
You must be
As embarrassing as me
Sometimes Political Blogger Alliance