Carrots and kale in orange ginger sauce with spiced rice

Along with some raisin cinnamon sesame bread from Avanti.

This recipe was an interesting one — I was idly googling up ideas combining kale, carrots and rice, and came across this recipe. I was struck by the sound of it, but also by the way the recipe was presented. As it turned out, this was very intentional on Kira Ryder’s part (Ryder being the blog author), as you can see from the description provided:

I love to cook. But I only recently started to write about it which I have found to be really hard. As I began to try convey recipes, I realized that I do not pay very close attention when cooking to amounts and measurements. This inattention is okay when speaking to another cook, but when trying to share instructions with a novice, specifics are useful.

This blog is designed as a place for me to practice being clear. It’s also a place to share recipes with pals after delicious dinners at my house.

And why not? Recipes with clear measurements and full details are excellent for learning, as she says, and the vast majority of recipes I try fit into that category. But there’s something to be said for latitude, and I found this recipe struck a fine balance between overall direction and inspiration — in essence, it lets you find or decide the amounts or approach to consider. So I’d say both a novice and a practiced cook could enjoy this recipe as presented.

So without a photo to go by — and without basmati rice prepped as indicated (I had some basic jasmine rice ready that I spiced up a bit with salt and seeds) — I went right ahead, and here’s Ryder’s recipe:

1. Basmati Rice with Spices
Heat up some fat (today I used ghee). Once hot, add some spices. Today I used mustard seed, cumin seed and coriander seed. Add soaked basmati rice. Stir and toast rice a bit. Add the right amount of water. Bring to a boil. Cover and lower heat. About 10 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, peel and slice up some carrots. Mince up some ginger. Slice up some kale.

3. Heat some fat in a pan. Add the ginger and stir for about 30 seconds, and then add the carrots. Allow carrots to cook in the fat, stirring every so often, until they start to brown a little. Add 1/2 a squeezed Orange, cover and allow carrots to steam and soften.

4. When rice is done, remove from heat and let sit.

5. Add kale to the carrots, stir and cover for only about a minute to wilt the kale.

6. Today I added the rice into the pan with the carrots and kale to stir it all up and soak up the extra orange ginger sauce.

7. I put it in a bowl, added a little salt and ate the whole thing.


5 Responses to “Carrots and kale in orange ginger sauce with spiced rice”

  1. Zen Says:

    This reminds me of a combination I had at an Afghan place. I think they added pumpkin as well.

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    Hmm, that would be an interesting addition. We’re definitely getting into the season for it!

    Oh man, I’ll get a chance to make a pumpkin pie again soon. That’ll be fun!

  3. Kiki Says:

    Another great looking recipe! Kale is in season right now and I’ve been looking for different ways to prepare it. This sounds so delicious and I think my husband would like it also!

  4. Diane Fisher Says:

    I made this tonight for a Tu B’Shvat luncheon featuring CSA ingredients…its exactly what was in my box!

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