New in the OC Weekly — a piece previewing next week’s VNV Nation concert

We were trying to work out an interview feature but the timing wasn’t there! So my piece is more of an overall introduction to VNV for those who may never have heard of ’em. The introduction:

Too often, all one has to do is utter a genre name, and the stereotypes fly forward. Say a band is “industrial,” and everything from people in black clothes beating on pipes to Trent Reznor wannabes comes to mind. In all cases, the image is of tortuous rage and depression.

That’s why VNV Nation, founded by Irish-born Ronan Harris and based out of Germany for many years, deserve far wider credit than they’ve received outside of their dedicated fan base. More than any other band tagged with the industrial moniker (purists consider them to be more of a sub-genre: EBM—“electronic body music”), VNV Nation match their relentless beats with a feeling of inclusive hope instead of solitary despair.

Can’t wait for next week!


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