Reviewing the 2008 November California propositions — Prop 3


Umbrella yes-vote site.

(An umbrella no-vote site was not immediately apparent.)

In ways, 3 combines issues I already discussed in 1 and 2. On the one hand, we’re talking bonds again. On the other hand, we step into the realm of moral issues — in this case, not the treatment of animals, but the treatment of children, specifically in the provision of care for children in children’s hospitals.

This one, to me, is a thorny one. As can be guessed given my initial links, most of the attention on 3 has been on the positive side — there simply doesn’t appear to be much of an organized no effort, and those opposing voices via the official pro-con page that are there don’t impress me much (thus Assemblyman Ted Gaines, for instance). And they themselves admit this is a very sentimental, hard to argue against proposition, given what is being discussed.

Yet we come back to bond issues again. My vote for 1, though somewhat reluctant, ultimately grounds itself in the idea that there is room for getting things going with what I believe will be an essential project. In the case of 3, though, this is adding on to a previously passed bond issue from four years back about children’s hospitals as well. Emotionally, what should be a slam-dunk becomes something more of a ‘well…’ upon reflection as a result.

I admit, though, that I feel a bit disconnected from this issue in general, which is harsh sounding but also reflects something key — I have no kids, after all. (I’m not saying I never will, but right now, there we are.) Public transit and the food supply are in contrast much more of immediate concern to me than children’s health care in general, and I’m sure that’s exactly the case in reverse with many other people too.

The combination means that right now I am ultimately unsure as to how I will vote. A feel-good sense of wanting to do right by those people who face terrible situations is not to be ignored, but neither, in a time of economic concerns, is a sense as to where a line best needs to be drawn.

For now, then, I am UNDECIDED. This may yet change by election day, and I am willing to spend more time and thought on it still. It is entirely possible I may simply refuse to vote on it simply because I cannot reach a satisfactory conclusion. Political Blogger Alliance

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