There is a cover version that never goes out

Having spent most of today being happily lazy — though I did make an excellent quiche earlier, photos tomorrow — I found myself grappling with the heretofore unasked by me question ‘just how many covers of the Smiths’ “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out” are there out there?’

Beyond counting, if YouTube has anything to say. And I don’t just mean in the ‘person at home with acoustic guitar and webcam’ sense even.

I started an ILM thread but here’s the best so far, partially because they all take the trouble to reinterpret the song one way or another instead of simply covering it.

Schneider TM:

Zoe Woodbury-High:

The Magic Numbers:

No One Has to Know:

Shelby Sifers:

The ‘Stand Up It’s Thursday Night’ house band:

David Fonseca:

Lara Martelli: