VNV Nation at the El Rey, Oct 22 2008

Taken a couple of songs before a humorous but clearly honestly felt observation on Ronan’s part wondering what the point of spending a show looking through a video camera was. (I was just taking a couple of still shots so I was innocent…uh, yeah.)

More seriously — another great show from VNV, and as I hoped it was the kind of energy charge-up I wanted going into these last couple of weeks. “The Farthest Star” hit harder for me than ever before, and hearing it at this point just before the elections, given the importance of the song in personally reenergizing me on the social and political front last year, was only appropriate. Crowd was way into it, a lot of first time VNV showgoers (hey, I was one of them last year!), Mark Jackson spoke from the stage (turns out he’s from Depeche Mode’s corner of the world — well, Essex at least) and at one point a man wearing a Borat-style thong and a horsehead mask appeared onstage, utterly befuddling Ronan, who then told a hilarious story about an evil clown. My kind of all-over-the-place show.

Ronan also confirmed return appearances next year along with a new album. This is a very good thing. (Also had a chance to chat with him *very* briefly a little before the show — a friendly fellow!)


3 Responses to “VNV Nation at the El Rey, Oct 22 2008”

  1. PJ Jewett Says:

    Well said! It was my first time going to a VNV Nation concert, and, having being a fan for over 3 years, I LOVED it. I came back that night sore as hell and ready for more. Two encores and then they had to go.
    Also, the horse head thing was referring to one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen!

    See it here:

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    Hahah, I was hoping that there would be a clip of that. Now to find the clown appearance he was talking about. Thanks for the post! Can’t wait to see them again next year with the new album.

  3. PJ Jewett Says:

    I can’t wait either! I actually have the horse on video!! I will try to upload it to youtube ASAP!

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