Reviewing the 2008 November California propositions — Prop 12

(I should note that while this ends the propositions series, tomorrow and Monday I’ll have a few more election related posts regarding state representatives and local offices, plus one local measure too. You never want to ignore those, wherever you’re at!)

Basic information about Proposition 12 — “VETERANS’ BOND ACT OF 2008.”

(No sites for this one pro or anti, as I’ll explain.)

It’s somehow appropriate that after grinding my way through all these propositions that it wraps up with the one that’s the gentlest, if you like. Instead of high firepower blasts back and forth and millions of dollars of donations and more besides, we’ve got something where pretty much everyone agrees on it.

The Cal-Vet Home Loans program, started in the wake of World War I and still going, has at its base a simple, quite thoughtful approach — if you’re a California resident who’s served in the military, this program helps you with the purchase of a house or similar property. Further, while it’s a bond issue, it’s one where the payments are made not by the state but by the participants in the program — a pretty smart setup.

As you can see in the overall page for this, there is an anti argument as well as a pro, but it seems to be just this one fellow with objections that don’t strike me as that strong. This is essentially just a renewal of something already going, and in a time where folks are all that much more concerned about money, real estate and the like, this seems all the more logical to have around.

And, of course, I’ve got a special connection to military veterans, thanks to my family. So the rest follows. This one’s a slam dunk, and it’s nice to end this series on a positive note.

A happy YES. Political Blogger Alliance

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