Looking at the 2008 California State Senate 35th District race

Okay, besides all the propositions there are two other state level things I’ll be voting on — first, the race in my State Senate district, with a map available here. As you can see it’s a pretty affluent stretch of OC featured here — Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, the southern tip of Irvine and so forth — while the north part of the district is much more of a mix. Still, nearly all of this covers what a lot of people think of as ‘Orange County’ in the stereotypical sense — think of the TV series set in this district, for a start — and given the political reputation of the county it should come as no surprise that the incumbent in this race is Republican:

State Senator Tom Harman (R)

Ginny Mayer (D)

Speaking honestly, Harman’s one of those guys I just simply don’t notice all that much. My Assembly representative, Van Tran, has always been far more visible in comparison. As Harman proudly has “Conservative for State Senate” as his motto on his site, that really says all that needs be said, and his basic positions are about what I would expect of the area — lots of talk about how taxes are bad, illegal immigration is really bad, how he’s fighting for ‘business-friendly’ regulations (always a bad sign, especially these days, I’d figure), etc.

Mayer in comparison is an academic and analyst who hasn’t served in elective office from what I can tell — at least, I don’t notice it in her biography — but her basic positions are, unsurprisingly, more in general line with mine than Harman’s. It’s standard enough high end Democratic talk for the general area, no surprises, but with a gentle emphasis on certain points I’m pleased to see (noting that the question of illegal immigration needs a solution that avoids “racism and xenophobia” — which puts it mildly around here sometimes).

I described in the CA-46 Congressional race about how my past votes against Rohrabacher were essentially ‘protest votes’ against him in the knowledge that the overall vote almost certainly wasn’t going to break against him. Honestly, I figure that’ll be the case here, but that’s no reason not to vote for Mayer, and I wish her and the campaign well in these final couple of days. You never know!

So I’ll vote for MAYER — and I’ll further direct you to her comic strip on her site. Because why not?

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