A tideover for now re: Obama, though

A link dump here, but hopefully one of interest.

To say that there are thousands of eloquent voices from the left supporting Obama is a truism — as always, I was always more interested in sensing the discourse on the right, separating the thoughtful wheat from the ranting chaff. Of the many conservative voices speaking against McCain and for Obama, personal favorites included the Cunning Realist’s wry bite and Andrew Sullivan’s nuanced outrage. But none was quite so angry and perfectly timed as Belgravia Dispatch’s pre-Election Day return to active blogging after a more than two month break with ‘The Obama Imperative.’ A must read, especially in the light of what might have been. To quote the conclusion:

We are passing through hugely difficult times where a global financial crisis lurches ahead demanding newfangled regulatory regimes of real complexity, where energy and environmental challenges will become ever more insistent, where we need to de-escalate from two wars and hit a strategic ‘reset’ button in our overall foreign policy posture, during which it will prove imperative we re-build our moral high-ground. These are the challenges the future presents us, and only Mr. Obama can convincingly tackle them head on with a combination of deliberateness, ingenuity, quiet resilience and confidence, in my view. So, for me, not only is this election not even a close call, but also I hope too that Obama wins by a huge landslide, by visiting a stinging, terrible rebuke to the Republicans. The defeat needs to be so crushing and total as to serve as a massive wake-up call that the Republican Party needs to be retaken by sentient, thinking adults, the better so it is led towards a necessary and massive course correction. Ultimately this is important because it is healthy for our country to have two great political parties, and a resounding defeat tomorrow seems our best bet to slowly have the Republican Party regain its sanity after the wreckage of the Bush 43 years. In the meantime, yes we can, yes we must, yes we will! Change is in the air, and it has never been more welcome than today.

To say that the impact of Obama’s election has caught the world’s interest is also to radically understate. A wide variety of links can be found in various entries at the Moderate Voice, while this NY Times piece collects some snapshots.

Finally, there’s always room for full-on fandom, after all. I give you this collection of photos and videos from a LiveJournal user who celebrates ‘the Love’ — it’s the type of thing that plenty of McCain voters would dismiss as hysterical overreaction, all the while mooning over pictures of Sarah Palin. I’ll take these Obama photos instead, thanks.

(And can I just say — I don’t see the appeal of Ms. Palin on that charismatic level at all, not one bit. I can see why others might, but frankly, having seen enough people like her around Orange County all these years, all I can sense is cheap plastic. Not my thing.)

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3 Responses to “A tideover for now re: Obama, though”

  1. Ned Raggett Says:

    Great links both, folks. 🙂

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