Slowly but surely…

…I’m getting back into the swing of blogging things, really. But I’m kinda with Andrew Sullivan, as he said recently:

Knowing that the Bush-Cheney-Addington axis will be forced out of power is an immense, slackening relief. I’ve felt compelled by politics these past few years in ways I don’t like or enjoy. With men and women finally back in power I can trust to act reasonably and ethically and within the rule of law, I feel less hesitation in getting on with life.

This isn’t meant to be some sort of mindless belief that one should trust without considering evidence otherwise, of course (and alternately, I think it’s always been a mistake to assume that what Bush et al did during office has been some sort of motivation of action via pure evil — remember, they think they’re doing their best as dedicated patriots, not because they’re out to destroy the world). But there is something to be said for heaving a big ol’ sigh of relief and relaxing a bit, and getting on with life. And taking more photos:

Sun and tree

Anyway, if all goes as planned, some long overdue review links and book thoughts and more besides soon. And political thoughts too of course!


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