The election happened. Past tense.

I am not going to claim some deep thought in this brief post, but even so…

My point in my post is not to address either those races still up in the air — the three Senatorial races in particular — nor the sometimes striking follow-on that’s resulted with the passage of Prop 8. If anything, the sharp condemnation and protests against its passage, perversely heartening as they are since it would have been better to see it gain greater attention and energy while it was still up in the air, shows even more clearly to my mind that far from being a success for the Yes on 8 folks, they are now shown to have bitten off more than they can chew.

Instead, I refer to the bizarre mirror-world we’ve entered into where presidential races for 2012 are already being talked about seriously, where Sarah Palin’s media recuperation campaign is a sign among her true believers that she’ll win in a walk next time through, where every breath uttered by anyone close to Obama is a sign that the Republic is going to collapse.

And it’s only been a WEEK. George Bush is still the president, folks! The current Congress is still meeting! Hell, both Obama and McCain will have some last votes to cast together here before the year’s out.

On the one hand the sheer intensity of what’s been swirling around is enjoyably comical — especially among those foolish voices on the right who somehow mistook last week’s crushing loss for a sign that the American people are with them and that they’ll have great influence in the upcoming government (uh, no you won’t). On the other hand, well, it’s reflective of a deeper truth — people just don’t want to let go.

The campaign took what seemed like forever. Months upon months, passing day by day. It became a standard, something to mainline and obsess over, something where it was the locus point of everyone’s day, the thing lurking in the background no matter what. I won’t pretend I was different otherwise.

But now? Well, you know, the world at large is out there — continuing economic problems, foreign policy concerns, more besides. They’ll weigh on all of us. But everyday life is there too — upcoming holidays, new music to listen to, people to meet and catch up with, all the things that make life worth it in general.

The campaign is OVER. There’s plenty of specifically political stuff to talk about, think about, that’s going to be worth that level of discussion and intensity brought to bear beforehand. But autumn’s continuing on, the weather’s getting crisper, I’m plotting more soups to experiment on cooking with — I’m trying not to lose my bearings here. I think that’s the case with a lot of people.

Don’t lose sight of the day to day, is all. Political Blogger Alliance


4 Responses to “The election happened. Past tense.”

  1. Jim Says:

    I think that it’ll take a couple weeks for everyone to calm down again and get back to normal. With the media frenzy and 24/7 coverage of politics for the last several months, everyone’s just used to it and it’ll take a little bit for the media to get back to covering car chases and wandering bears.

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    True. I’m wanting wandering bears causing car crashes, for that ineluctable “And in the LIGHTER side of the news…’ elan.

  3. Madam Miaow Says:

    What delights can Bush come up with in the dying days of his Presidency?

    I’m waiting with bated breath. (Hold on, more like baited. Euw!)

  4. Ned Raggett Says:

    An invasion here, a crisis there…

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