Just a quick note about Sparks playing in LA in February…

Tickets are now on sale for their now kinda traditional one-off (or near one-off) LA date for each new album, in this case for Exotic Creatures of the Deep. (And definitely use that link instead of going the straight Ticketmaster route, having just discovered — a little too late! — that will give you a better seat selection as well as avoiding service charges.) Having mainlined on the concert series they did back in May and June, as regular readers might be exhausted to remember, I admit to being happily thrilled to see them in the flesh again.

This’ll be the something like the seventh time I’ve seen them over the past decade — nowhere near the amount of times many fellow fans have (whenever I meet up with the LA contingent I hear tales about them seeing the Maels and company back in the 1970s and the like…mindboggling!) but even so, enough to know I’ll be getting one hell of a show. Kinda hoping they’ll be doing the full-on theatrical presentation they did with the live broadcast of Exotic from the concert series but we’ll see — they’re scheduled to do that plus a full runthrough of Kimono My House and assorted other favorites. Great times, can’t wait!

There are incipient plans for a meet-up and meal in the area before the show, so if anyone’s interested drop a line. Or join the mael-list, we’ll just be talking about it there anyway!