Catch-alls, observations and things

Whether it’s still the shakedown from the end of the Endless Election or me still being woozed from the stuffed nose etc., I’m in a fairly undiscursive mood lately — then again it might also be due to all the writing work I’ve done lately and me just wanting to take a break from it (new OC Weekly article in a couple of days, among other things). So here’s some quick ‘hey check this out’ bits:

  • The new Fennesz album, Black Sea, is making the promotional rounds and I was lucky enough to get a copy. Possibly his subtlest work in a while, definitely moving from simply being elegant artistic shoegaze electronic avant garde to something even further out, like an afterecho of that earlier work. Over on ILX similar sentiments were expressed this way:

    …it’s power really lies in it’s subtlety. Like in ‘Glide’ for instance, in the back you can hear a beautiful melody evolving achingly slow. It’s quite a huge departure from the Venice ‘pop’-style Fennesz, and not as rough as Endless Summer.

    Will still be digesting it over these next few days.

  • Have not seen Quantum of Solace yet but give me a little time here, hopefully this weekend in a matinee, taking advantage of the fact that everyone else will be seeing Twilight instead. (I am increasingly fascinated by the Twilight deal if only because I’m intrigued to see how easily and naturally it took Anne Rice’s reinvention of the vampire template to move from ‘outsider’ sensation towards new template for religious/moralistic conservatism for the likes of Stephenie Meyer. It’s not the only factor but there it is anyway, and the whole success of the books also appears to be a stellar triumph of design — those covers are truly eyecatching.)
  • Foodwise, the wisdom of creating and storing soups for future use was easily demonstrated last night. Feeling ill, I just wanted to thaw and reheat, which allowed me to have a last patch of the delicious pear zucchini soup I made a while back. With it was something I learned from friend Hans — slice up a small baguette and top each slice with some gorgonzola and honey, then toast in the oven. Very delicious.
  • And as for politics, am I the only one not breathless over Obama cabinet moves and Senate censures and all that? Wait a couple of days here, we’ll get some results.

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