Caldo verde

A Portuguese soup, I gather — found the recipe here. Added some vegetable broth concentrate for color and flavor, and turned out very nicely, a clear soup that was still somehow rich.


The moon, Jupiter and Venus in conjunction

Not the best quality due to iPhoneness but hey. A lovely sight regardless; taken yesterday.

Can you say ‘still waking up from the weekend?’ Knew you could…

I admit I’ve been feeling very woozled (that’s my word and I will stand by it) these last couple of days, partially due to being busy and having fun (helping a friend move, celebrating another friend’s birthday), partially due to recuperating from that (headache first and foremost…argh).

However, hope to have a good recipe up to share tonight, with photos of course, and more forthcoming tomorrow. Along with a bit of an overdue reflection on the weeks since the election.