Caldo verde for a third time

So this time around the kale was chopped much more finely, but I think I had too much water in the broth. Even so, still very tasty, with the oil mixed more properly this time!

Now you might ask, why all the focus on this one dish? Easy — consider how all my various entries I’ve made on food over time have all seemed like one-offs. In a number of cases they are, but it’s more accurate to say that one’s work with a recipe is always subject to revision — on the one hand you might want to perfect the approach to an ingredient or an overall mix, on the other hand you might just want to aim it more towards one’s own particular taste. Recipes and what you cook aren’t necessarily fixed in stone, and sometimes require improvisation and experimentation.


The moon in the clouds

Amazed at how well this turned out, especially since it was an iPhone shot taken last night after coming home from an all day trip. Really beautiful. I’ve got a few more on my regular camera but I somehow think they won’t be able to beat this one.