And I would just like to end 2008 by saying…

…that I would have had much more to say about recent days and the end of the year and all that if:

1. I didn’t have a writing project due today — namely, the submission of a proposal for Continuum’s 33 1/3 series, the deadline of which is midnight EST. That has now been sent in. (The subject of choice is Radiohead’s Kid A.)

2. I wasn’t STILL suffering from what I am now convinced is a frickin’ sinus infection. I’ve been getting sorta better over the last few days but no matter how much temporary relief I can find, my left nostril in particular thinks it’s really funny to stay clogged and gunky most of the time. Thanks pal. This is why I’m taking you and the rest of me to the doctor on Friday.

So. I’m about out of here to a get-together with friends to see out the year. Many friends have had great years this 2008, others have had abjectly awful ones, most of us are somewhere in between. I’d say mine was pretty good and I’ll leave it at that because I see no reason to crow about it further when others have had it far worse than I.

Roll on 2009 — more thoughts, plans and things hopefully tomorrow as I try and while away the hours hoping for some kind of nasal relief. Now stop reading this and celebrate, like I’m about to do. Talk to y’all soon!

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2 Responses to “And I would just like to end 2008 by saying…”

  1. Eve Says:

    Good riddance 2008, nothing good came from you. I hope everyone has a better 2009.

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