I figure it’s a sign of something…

…when my dad calls and asks me if the sinus troubles had been getting the better of me because I hadn’t posted for a few days. Now that’s a dedicated readership!

But I am alive and all — I think part of me has really been enjoying something of an unexpected blogging vacation these past few weeks, some sense of stepping away a bit and letting the world roll on for a while. I have a feeling that with the return of work hyperactivity starting tomorrow that I’ll actually be inspired to write more tomorrow evening, like it all feeds off each other.

That all said, the sinus thing is fading only slowly. Such is the way of it. Oh well! Anyway, more tomorrow.

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3 Responses to “I figure it’s a sign of something…”

  1. Eve McGivern Says:

    I had one of those back in February of 2008. Not to scare you, but give it time…mine took a good 2 full months to clear.

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    Yeeps. Well I’ll have to grin and bear it…

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