In the OC Weekly — an interview with Peachcake

And back into the music writing groove for the new year — this week, an interview with Stefan from Peachcake, a very ebullient feller, appropriate given his band’s very bubbly music. Nice and thoughtful guy, good album, well worth checking out — the introduction to my piece:

Stefan Pruett, singer/percussionist of Arizona’s Peachcake, has the kind of enthusiasm for life that one almost forgets can exist. The band’s songs bubble with an energy reflected not only in their exclamation point-heavy titles, but also in Pruett’s own words, with cheery sentiments and well wishes coming one atop the other. Ask him a short question, and he’ll give a lengthy answer, and then politely apologize if he took up too much time. (Compared to the monosyllabic statements some musicians can be prone to, this is a blessing very much not in disguise.) This, for example, is only the tail end of his thoughtful take on the inspirations that drive the band:

“The kind of altruistic fervor that exists in Peachcake . . . Let’s take this one to the top; let’s do something together; let’s immerse ourselves in the glory of music, celebration and each other; and let’s show everyone how they can do the same. Let’s introduce them to something powerful. Because truly, you’re the one doing it and owning it; you’re the ruler and creator of your own destiny. We’re just here hoping to point that out.”


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