Cleaning up the kitchen

The three photos above are reflective of a general new year’s resolution as such on my part, to reorganize and otherwise make better use of what ultimately is a limited amount of workspace. But the whole point of knowing your limitations is finding the best way to maximize them, and what’s here may well prove to be nothing more than a transitional step to a better way around things.

That’s as it should be — without sounding too cosmic, part of the goal of cooking is the realm of continuing refinement, experimentation and expansion of abilities and resources, and that applies to the equipment used and the state of where one works as much as anything else about the actual preparation of food.

There’s also the general sense of gratification at giving everything a good deep clean and redo — takes less time than you might think if you set your mind to it — and from there one can imagine the clean palette to begin more work. Various ideas are kicking around and you’ll be seeing some results soon enough.


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