A new OC Weekly piece from me — on Dear and the Headlights

Not a bad little band, and fun to talk with — an excerpt:

“Have some fun, clap, holler, get down!”

On some days, that’s hard advice to handle—even without all the looming weirdness in the world right about now, the cold weather snap that finally hit the desert of Phoenix may well have calmed down some of the area’s cheerier hearts. But Robert Cissell, of that city’s Dear and the Headlights, isn’t one of the ones suffering.

“There are so many bands these days that are so consumed by the idea of coolness and image that they forget about what it’s all about,” he writes via e-mail. “It’s about art and community; it’s about getting an entire room to work together on a moment rather than five dudes being a spectacle.

“When we get to let loose and have fun with our fans, it’s a party, not a play. It’s nice to be able to take our mind off the stresses of life and, together with a crowd of people, just let loose, even if its only for the 45 minutes or hour that we’re playing. People can escape from everything and just come together with music.”


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