And while I’m thinking of it, my appearance in an Abu Dhabi newspaper

No, really. It was an article on the Grammys. Had almost forgotten I did this — thanks, Stephen Dalton! (Friendly dude.)

The bit I’m in:

During its first 40 years, the Academy failed to acknowledge milestone recordings by Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Sam Cooke, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Marvin Gaye, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley and other legends. Instead, they favoured light entertainers and family-friendly crooners, many now long forgotten. The fabled Motown label won just one Grammy during its entire 1960s heyday. Major musical movements such as hip-hop and grunge took years to register on the NARAS radar.

“It’s no surprise that there’s a certain tendency towards middle-of-the-road consensus,” says Ned Raggett, an LA-based music critic, author and blogger. “A lot of it boils down to the age of the voters combined with a desire to seem somehow reasonably of its time but unable to fully come to grips with it. Ultimately I think it’s a human tendency to stick with the tried and true, and I certainly can’t rule myself out from that.”

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