An overdue link to that Sebastien Grainger piece in the OC Weekly

And here ’tis, etc. — friendly guy, good interview! A snippet:

“We’ve been touring on and off for something like two years now. It’s been a while!”

Sebastien Grainger says this from a van somewhere on the road in deepest Arkansas, en route from Little Rock to Austin, Texas, to play yet another stop with his band the Mountains on his seemingly endless tour. It’s part of the whirl of activity the thoughtful Montreal native has found himself involved in since the end of Death From Above 1979, the duo that helped bring him and former band mate Jesse Keeler to fame.

While that group’s brusque, energetic dance/punk fusions found Grainger on drums as well as singing, on his self-titled solo debut (as well as in concert), he takes over on guitar, delivering up a walloping series of anthems—“American Names,” “By Cover of Night (Fire Fight)”—that are as much un-ironic FM radio epic as frenetic groove.

“I was trying to do something that was exciting for me,” Grainger explains. “I wanted it to sound big, to explore different ways to achieve it. I didn’t want it to sound modest; I wanted it to sound glorious, full-on—where my tastes lie. I’ve had experience playing in big venues now, and I know that small music just isn’t good for places like that!”


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