“Hiyashi chuuka: Japanese Chinese-style cold noodles”

So went the description from the webpage I took the basic recipe from, the extremely wonderful justhungry.com, which I’ve used before for various Japanese-inspired dishes in particular.

It was a VERY hot and wonderful day down here — spring has sprung! — and I wanted to have a cooler dish for dinner after some spring cleaning. Being near Mitsuwa, as always, helped, so besides the main entree itself and the accompanying mustard, I snagged a bean cake and some good sake because, hey, why not? Made for a lovely meal, in fact the first this year on the balcony table.

The idea of the dish is that noodles have to be prepared in the proper fashion — again, refer to the excellent page I’ve linked for details — but that anything can top it so long as it’s good cold. This is not as colorful as it could have been — should have snagged some ginger — but the combination of baked tofu, kohlrabi and cabbage still worked very well. Highly recommended if you want to give it a try.


One Response to ““Hiyashi chuuka: Japanese Chinese-style cold noodles””

  1. iheartfilm Says:

    Man that looks good.

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