So that Nine Inch Nails documentary I was filmed for? It’s out!


Slightly unprepossessing cover but no worries, if anything it reminds me of Kiss the Stone CD bootlegs from the mid-nineties. Anyway, here’s the Amazon listing for the DVD, while over at Clicky Clicky Jay Breitling has a detailed review up, including this amusing namecheck:

“Metal Machine Music” at first seems overly reliant on the musings of music critics including the always likeable Ned Raggett. But the video succeeds in providing a watchable and thorough investigation of Nine Inch Nails…

I’ll take that compliment, thanks!

If you’d like to read more about the evening of shooting, my old blog post about it is here. I still haven’t seen the disc myself! Really interested in the Chris Vrenna footage…


One Response to “So that Nine Inch Nails documentary I was filmed for? It’s out!”

  1. Remembrance of electronic angst past « Ned Raggett Ponders It All Says:

    […] caused a flicker of interest, certainly. As I hope has been made clear enough via a variety of past posts, I am quite the fan of Mr. Reznor and have been for years, and have seen him enough times to know […]

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