A quick note for fellow ILXors [updated]

As I see the blog’s been hit with a few search requests — my understanding is that there’s something a little kerfluffled on the host end, but that this is being looked into. Hopefully should be back soon! If I hear anything immediate I’ll pass it through here after Facebook/Twitter updates.

UPDATE — box access is restored but further behind-the-scenes work is being done. Full access for everyone might not be for a day or two more. Keep checking in, and I’ll pass on word as I hear it!

FURTHER UPDATE — looks like it’s back!


2 Responses to “A quick note for fellow ILXors [updated]”

  1. StanM Says:

    Thank you for this public service announcement, you’re a saint!

  2. Daniel, Esq. Says:

    Thanks, Ned.

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