Okay, starting off EMP posting here tonight…

…but basically I will also be checking to see what kind of live webcasting, if anything, is scheduled as per Carl Wilson’s note to folks with video capability last week. If there is going to be regular live webcasting for most everything I might not be doing this all as heavily as last year, but if the sessions are being recorded for later rebroadcast then I’ll be chiming in as per usual as quickly as possible. The connections in the EMP are notoriously variable, or were last year at least, but as muttered earlier I’ll be doing my work using the WordPress applet on my iPhone so I’ll be able to at least irregularly update whenever I move into a spot with a clearer connection. The keynote tonight shouldn’t be a problem based on last year’s experience.

Not entirely sure if I’ll be taking any photos — didn’t do that last year — but we’ll see. Random Twitter and Facebook updates will doubtless also occur. (UPDATE — speaking of Twitter I’ll probably be using the #popconf hashtag for those updates; Oh! Industry has also suggested the even shorter #emp09)

Hope to see a lot of familiar faces tonight at the opening reception!


One Response to “Okay, starting off EMP posting here tonight…”

  1. erametta Says:

    Just be forewarned that at SXSW apparently iPhones were useless because so many people had them that AT&T couldn’t support that much traffic. Heh.

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