My latest OC Weekly piece on Ladytron is up

So at least there’s that since the EMP notes will have to wait for a final cleanup on the weekend I figure. But anyway, here’s the Ladytron piece, with a sample:

Following this tour, Ladytron will be moving to an even-higher-profile series of gigs. They’re scheduled to open for Depeche Mode’s European shows, an extremely apt combination given both bands’ deft touch with rock noise and industrial-strength beats, not to mention darkly dramatic performances and sonic styles. And much like the members of Depeche have long insisted about their own work, Wu resists classification as a “Goth” band.

“We never sought to be anything like that,” he says. “It’s all been very natural, very organic, over time—the whole ‘scary, creepy’ thing and being talked about as being Gothic maybe has relevance because we’re wearing black and not moving around much onstage. It’s a little impossible to bounce around while playing keyboards!”


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