To say my blogging’s been light…

…admittedly understates. A variety of things really have been going into this of late — keeping very busy at work, concentrating on my writing work for the OC Weekly and the AMG, just a full time in general. It’s a bit of a pity because there’s been a lot going on that’s worth talking about, but I’ve felt somewhat deflated on the creative front as a result of everything else.

Partially I think it’s been a redirection of link activity towards using my Facebook and Twitter accounts, partially I think it’s a matter of reestablishing a certain blogging discipline I’ve found myself letting go too much in recent times. I suspect a large part of this is driven by my own desire to spend a lot of time archiving my music collection this year, which has been a huge project and a half. But as noted above, there’s more to this than that.

So hopefully more soon, as I’ve admittedly been saying for a bit. For now, just a brief note that both Star Trek and Anvil were very entertaining and worth catching, that I can’t wait to see Ghost for the first time in three years next week, and that I do have some new recipes I’m pondering.

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2 Responses to “To say my blogging’s been light…”

  1. Stephen Says:

    I saw Ghost over the weekend in Austin and it was a mighty show, just astoundingly good.

  2. Ned Raggett Says:

    A band that refuses to suck, as they say.

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