My latest OC Weekly piece on Little Dragon

Ran a couple of days ago and the show was last night so sorry about the slight delay here about said piece on a pretty good Swedish act. Anyway, the article in question, plus a sample:

One thing that the band have already been noted for is the strong combination of Nagamo’s singing and Bodin’s often stark, driving beats, perhaps best heard on the compelling “Test,” with Kallgren’s near-dub-level bass and Wirenstrand’s playful interjections providing essential shading to the bold punch of the song.

“The music really hits you harder if there are only drums and bass and the magic of Yukimi and Håkan floating on top of it,” says Bodin, describing the group’s power.

“We love a simple beat!” adds Nagamo. “Sometimes, we like when songs feel spontaneous and light, but I guess it’s our taste. We don’t usually analyze it while we are recording, so in a way, it’s not so conscious.”