is indeed down…

…but not out; however, the situation is a little involved. Here’s a formal note from the mods for now:

Paperthinwalls were paying for our hosting. They were bought by another organization who are now no longer willing to pay for our hosting, so we can no longer run ILX until we can figure out an alternative arrangement. We hope to have more information available to everyone in the near future.

I’ll post said further information as available. Feel free to post questions in comments — and, if you are serious about it and have the access/bandwidth to offer or know of an arrangement that will work, let me know privately and I will forward it along.

[EDIT: Snoball in comments notes that this backup forum is still going for now, so thanks to Ed for setting it up last year and for it not going away!

As you were, etc.]

21 Responses to “ is indeed down…”

  1. Daniel, Esq. Says:

    Is hosting ILX a big expense?

    This sounds like a problem that won’t be resolved quickly, unfortunately (I’d be happy to be told otherwise).

  2. snoball Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Ned. BTW the temporary forum that Ed set up last year is still available at…

  3. Keith Says:


    It probably will cost a fair bit, as being pretty popular, it uses quite a lot of bandwidth, but at the moment, we don’t see the bill. Stet will be speaking with them about when he can (they’re not at work and he’s on holiday) to figure out what we can do.

  4. StanM Says:

    Thanks for the quick update, guys – see you at the temp forum for now…

  5. thatguy Says:

    more like paper thin balls

  6. kevin k Says:

    is anyone else having trouble registering over there? it keeps telling me that usernames can only have letters, numbers or hyphens even though “k3vin k” and “kevin k” satisfy those criteria

  7. suzy Says:

    Kevin, you’ve probably figured it out by now but lefora does not appear to like spaces in usernames.

    Oh and Ned, email me? Strange machinations in the world of publishing are afoot…

  8. d@c Says:

    how come no one said anything BEFORE it happened?
    maybe we could figure out something while ilx was still alive…
    (or at least have some time to get used to the idea…)

  9. Ned Raggett Says:

    In response to the two previous comments — ILX isn’t *dead*, and I never said it was (and neither did the mods in their statement). And as I posted on my blog and elsewhere later there is a new site up which will have further news and more:

    Not trying to be mean here, just saying, ease back a bit.

  10. thatguy Says:

    pour one out ;_;

  11. Joe Chatham Says:

    If you’re interested… we at Lefora can also host your domain name instead of the site. Plus we have great uptime. Feel free to drop us a line in or PM me Chatham in support.

  12. Matthew Ingram Says:

    Ned it can’t be *that* expensive. If you’re looking for a good host A Small Orange are definitely worth checking out. Feel free to drop me a line…..

  13. just some dude Says:

    RIP ;_;

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