My interview with Peter Murphy is up at the OC Weekly…

…and I hope to have a full transcript up here in a couple of days! But in the meantime, here’s the link and here’s a bit of the story:

“I enjoy playing with what’s at hand, almost like found ideas, something that’s here-and-now. Most of my vocals are written in one take, they just need a bit of refining—I don’t really want to mess around with the details! Working in music somehow allows you a liberation, it allows you to speak from a less bound-up kind of perspective.”

Speaking from his adopted home country of Turkey, Peter Murphy sounds simultaneously enthused, thoughtful and joyous. The British singer has long explored those moods in his work, most famously (in America) in his chart hit “Cuts You Up.” But some people also know him for probing darker, more emotionally fraught impulses with that band he used to be in.

Sunrise over a cloudbank

The wacky weather this last week has provided a few glorious views like this. And the rain’s going to be great for the garden and the air in general, so hey! Hope everyone’s weekend goes well.